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drum to disc conversion

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AFAIK the hubs can be swapped, but not sure if the caliper brackets are welded or bolted to the Discovery axle casing.

looking in my parts info, the Disco axle caliper brackets are part or welded to the main case, so that'll stop you just changing the hubs as your axle doesn't have any mounts for the calipers to attach too.

hence why most change the complete axle to gain rear disc brakes.

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It's easier to just change the whole axle across to your 90 from a disco/late 90, they seem to be cheap and plentiful now so getting hold of one shouldn't be a problem, as Ralph says the brackets are indeed welded onto the casing, the late 90's(defenders) and discovery's share the same axle and whilst I think about it so does the range rover,but with that you'd be needing the late range rover axle(after 1986)as they changed the shock absorber mountings on the range rover axle from what I call stick and twist to both facing forward and the other thing to be mindful of with range rover axles after 1986 is they may be imperial bolt sizing's on there unlike the later 90/disco ones which should be metric thread sizes



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