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Defender Gearbox


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My Defender (TD200) was stuck in FWD (LT77). Upon dismantling I found the cross shaft in the transfer box diff had snapped and jammed everything up. The diff housing where thrust washers run on is also ruined. I cannot find parts to repair (I need a diff assy) it so was going to put in a used transfer box. The onlt used LT's readily available are from Discoveries. Will it fit ok? Should I fit whole box? Whats the best (cheapest) option? Ratio on transfer is 1:410. Not worried too much about gearing as long as it goes foreward!!!

Any suggestions welcome - wife told me I bought a binner. My mission is to prove her wrong!

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Discovery t/boxes are all 1.22:1 so it will work your gearing will just be a bit high. I'm not certain if all centre diffs are the same but I suspect it will fit year for year, the ratio difference is in the input/intermediate gearsets, so you might be able to pull the centre diff out of the Discovery box and fit it to yours but prob easier to swap the whole box if you can live with the gearing. You may then be able to buy cross shafts and gears and rebuild yours as time permits.

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