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winch motor


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each event! hell that would prove expensive.....

far better to look after your vehicle and use it again and again.

Valid point but sometimes winning is every thing and some people are prepared to do some drastic things to keep on top and have the edge.

I not saying I can afford to compete like this

But I am still keen to go for the twin motor 24v option

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can't see the point when an XP will pull 120ft/min retrieval

off the shelf for £200 approx

just see how many are inuse.

personal experience is worth tons over advert/sellers speak.

anyone recommending anything remember to ask them what they are using.

Well exactly, this is why I'm using off the shelf motors as I can make a setup that can get the cable back on the drum in about a minute, has a low current draw, is relaibale and won't really slow down under load.

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Bowmotor is 180ish quid in your hand less delivery - can have one to Eastnor LRW show.

if you want it mail order then it arrives in 48 hours. Far more reliable than any other option, real world figure of 5.6hp not some made up b*ll*x.

Just found out it works rather well on an EP9

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