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Unblocking breather tube

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Sorry if this sounds stupid but I have been checking axle breathers. Rear one is fine in that I can blow through without issue but the front one is definitely blocked. I have tried blowing through with all my puff till cheeks red and ears popping but to no effect. What it the accepted next course of action? I presume replacement?

If so presumably I get a new length of tubing (aquarium shop I guess) and then pull old length off banjo bolt, slip on new and run same route as the old breather - or is there a patented way of solving without bursting eardrums?

Now need to try and find the crankcase breather tube


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Its probably blocked inside the banjo bolt where it enters the breather pipe. Have you taken it off and looked? Usually gets full of plop and needs a small prod with stiff wire or a drill bit.

Hmm strange,.. I didnt put plop. Must be a swear filter on here! :D

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Now need to try and find the crankcase breather tube

it's the cylindrical black thing on right hand side of rocker cover, it draws vapours from rocker cover & any oil gets returned to the sump via a hoses on the bottom.

remove the banjo from the axle & clean as suggested above.

see page 431 items listed below item 1, banjo & copper washers

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