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3.5 or 3.9 into 110" with LPG

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Hi there,

a friend owns a 110" 2.5D and is biased to drop a V8 into it for the reasons mentioned in the other current thread and for the sake of comfort/silence/power. And it will be with automatic gearbox then!

Point is, that conversion does not make sense without having it running on LPG. Fuel costs otherwise would simply be prohibitive. Preferably the costs for the whole installation recouped by selling the 2.5D ;) (which might be realistic without considering LPG. An old 3.5 Efi RangeRoverClassic can be bought for 600pounds over here. Mileage is 150.000 then).

Now we have a few questions:

1) there are a few different LPG-Systems around. The cheapest is the venturi-type. Is that ok to use ? (the more sophisticated systems are pretty expensive over here and the MOT/TÜV will only accept systems that were installed by a garage :( ).

2) should the engine be Efi or carb ?

3) should we seek for a 3.5 or 3.9 ?

4) where did you put the tank ? (it is a hardtop-110, ex-MOD)

MAny thanks in advance !!


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I fitted LPG to my 110 CSW and but the 90 litre tank behind the rear row of seats. you can under-sling the smaller 45 litre tanks but they become vulnerbale to damage. Mine was a 3.5 carb engine and the fitting was very easy (comparatively) and took about 2-3 days on and off. Mine also had an auto box which worked like a dream.

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I've got a couple of 90's running on LPG. They are both carbs and running IWEMA kits. On the 90, you can get the 35 litre underslung tanks well up under the seat boxes if you remove the fuel tank and the battery box.

The IWEMA kits are straightforward to fit and I like the quality and safety side of it too. (Four hole tank, solenoids on everything, engine stop shut-off etc).

With carbs, the venturi kit is fine.

I've also got an LSE Rangie 4.2 EFI with a venturi kit on it. In my humble opinion, I think it is probably wiser to have LPG injection rather than venturi. For one, with venturi, you end up having quite a volume of gas/air in the inlet tract and plenum chamber - this gives any backfires a spectacular feature! :ph34r:

On the LSE, I've got a mondo large tank in the boot. If I ever get the chance, I will put smaller tanks underneath and potentially have a removable cradle for the boot tank where I want longer range..

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i have a huge -120l? - tank behind my rear bulkhead. the wheel boxes have been cut out each side - about 12" and the tank on an angle iron subframe bolted to chassis. this is then boxed in. now the wheel box(s) are connected across the top .will post pics tomorrow (back full of carp!)

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