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pretty ot but simple

nick w

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having just bought a small horse lorry for the wife so i can off road without feelin guiltyish i have noticed if i pull the manual choke on it has more power its a vw lt 6 cylinder i am guessing its an air intake thing but not totaly sure hence hoping for help from the mechinical minds on here many thanks any pointers much appriciated :unsure:

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By pulling the choke you are effectively changing the state of tune, it may be that it has been leaned off for the emmissions test, it's not uncommon for that to be the case. Pulling the choke on when warmed up should make it run rougher if the tuning is spot on. Could be a restricted air intake or the timing as a couple of other options, since the condition of the rest of the ignition etc should be checked before tuning anyway that's a logical way to start looking for the problem.

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