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Shocks, 2 inch or not 2 inch

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I have 130 springs on the back of my 110 and it sits high when empty. The fronts are standard.

Its never been loaded as per my planned trip although i put about 50 breeze blocks in the back and it went down about 2cm.

Questions are

  • should i put +2 inch shocks on?
  • Do they close to the same length and just open longer?

I'm looking at putting on some Terrafirma Big Bore on and keeping my Armstrong (£10 per corner) as spares. The Terrafirmas come in 2 inch and standard. I have standard length hoses.

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Depends what you want, only reason you should need +2 shocks is if your shocks are limiting axle articulation and you actually want more articulation.

I have heavy duty +2 springs all round with +2 shocks and I get lots of flex which is annoying as I don't have dislocation cones

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I've got big bore's on my rig, they're frickin huge compared to the ones I took off, I have kinda of 2 inch lift.. I dropped the mountings by 2 inches as well... To be honest, I wish the truck never had the lift (I didn't do it) but to replace all the cranked rad arms etc was heaps more expensive than it was just to run with how it was set up and actually make it all work.

Can't tell you how they run as I've not actually driven the truck since intalling them!! give me a week and hopefully I'll be back on the road! :)

post-20087-005575900 1285756377_thumb.jpg

post-20087-037547100 1285756409_thumb.jpg

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OK thanks. Still open for debate then.

Since my bumps are ~5 inches up on the rear i think my current shocks are at the end of travel or nearly which is why i'm asking.

One way to make up the differnce is to invest in some lowered chassis anchor points, the old shocks I took off where actually operating at the extended length (not good) so I did both, longer shock travel and lowered mounts, maybe its now a bit too much, so might have to put the old shock mounts back on.

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I think even with longer shocks the same thing could happen.

If the shock is 2" longer, then presumably the fully closed length is longer as well, so you may end up in the situation where the shock can bottom out before the axle hits the bump stops.

I suspect theres some room for error, so maybe +2 shocks on their own will be fine.

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