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So i've found myself a tub for the 90, just trying to work out how i can get it to me!

Unfortunately its quite a big item, which makes picking it up in the car a non-starter. The missus work has a small transit connect van, but we measured it up today and the doors are too narrow to fit it thru, so thats out too.

Short of hiring a van i'm pretty stuck for ideas, so i thaught i'd ask to see if anyone might be passing thru with a van or trailer or similar that could bring it over for some beer tokens!

Any ideas?



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I once picked up a 109" roof and glazed hardtop sides from that direction and brought it back to Manchester on the car roof rack. Then I went back and picked up the same for an 88".

I do have a trailer it could go on so if someone got it closer to Manchester I could get it the rest of the way.

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