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Full Beam

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My landy has just passed its MOT, but when i got it it home for some reason, when u hit full beam the main lights turn off!!!

not the fuse as i can hear them clicking when i hit the switch dash light works. any ideas????

there was a small amount of smoke coming from the fuse box when i tapped a lose cable back in.

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Hmmm smoke is not good... I would disconnect your battery and gingerly take the fuse box off the bulkhead and check out all the wireing round there. The old fusebox was really delapadated on my 86 loom, the plastic on the box and wires seems to perish over time, I replaced it for a blade type, some Durite 12 slot racks go into it quite well without too much hassle.

As regards your problem, I seem to remeber mine did this before I fixed it all up and I think it was a terminal on the switch that wasn't connecting properly, i found it and soldered it up. I would start at the switch end. they are quite simple circuits to work out if you have a small multimeter.

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