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Problem With Lights

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I have a converted Diesel to V6 Landrover 90 that (touch wood) although is a bit beaten up has never let me down. Off late though the front left main beam and the rear right light's do not work. the rear right brake light does not work either.

All other lights, inc the side lights and Fogs work.

I am a dufus when it comes to cars so any advice would be gratefully received.

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Which V6 has it got in it then? (Not related to lights, just being nosey)

If several things are affected, it's usually a dodgy ground connection. Follow all the black wires from the non-working bits back towards the battery - a lot of stuff grounds to the body nearby, and connections can corrode over time.

Also check fuses and fusebox, if it's old-style fuses they can get a bit loose in the holder and get unreliable.

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