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TD5 wont start

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Been running my TD5 for 10 months now, never had a problem!

Tonight i went to help someone take a battery off a van to be charged up, so i had my rear work lights aimed at their bonnet, after about 20 mins i jumped back in my 90 (engine off, ignition off) and tried to start it, fuel pump started whirring but it wouldnt turn over and the engine management light started flashing (engine with a line through symbol)

So i was like bugger i killed my battery, so i got my friend with his 90 to tow me and tried to bump it, it will run whilst being towed but i cant keep it running.

Then i tried it again and now my engine turns over perfectly fast, so my battery isnt dead, but it just wont fire!!

What the hell have i done to it?

Ive currently towed it home and parked it outside :(

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