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Wheel nut special tool


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Hi all,

I've just had a disaster and I cannot believe it. I simply wanted to remove a road wheel and have broken the special tool needed to remove the locking nut. I'm no mechanic but have changed hundreds of wheels in my time, albeit not having to use a special tool. I hardly put any pressure with my boot on the wheel brace and the special tool gave way.

What do I do now? Where can I get a replacement? Also the locking nut is damaged so that'll be fun removing. I'll have to chisel it off. It's not counter threaded is it? Like I say, I can't believe this has happened!



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hi, welcome to the site,

you have two options, from memory the locking wheel key has a code on it. give that code to landrover and they can get you a new key but as you have damaged the nuts i would say buy a new set.

the last set i bought was from ebay, about £25 delivered and they were genuine landrover.just search ebay for freelander locking wheel.

as to removing them you can get alloy wheel locking nut removers. they have an anti-clockwise thread inside tehm. you smack them on and as you undo the nut the thread bits on which in turn makes them come off the thread is normal anti-clockwise.

hope this helps

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The code for the locking whhel nut is normally stamped in the end of the "key", and sometimes in the locking wheelnut aswell.

IIRC most tyreshops have special tools for removing locking wheel nuts, may be worth popping in and bribing the YTS monkey with a five pound note!

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Yes the code is on the end of the socket, my wife's Freelander has two different types (the spare is held of with three locking nuts!) and there are two (different) sockets in the boot.

It is not uncommon for them to split, they can be (carefully) welded but replacement is a lot easier & safer.

The universal locking wheelnut removal tools are so widely & cheaply available that I personally think that locking wheelnuts hold little derterrant value to a potential thief, a decent M/C lock through the spare + carrier helps keep that in place but even they can be cut as long as the thief has the correct tool with him.

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