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2.8TGV snorkel problems


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Hello to all

I have just put an 2.8 TGV to Defender 90 200 Tdi LHD.

now I have problems of interference between the flexible hose that exits from SS550HF Safari Snorkel and the 200 Tdi heater assembly,in fact now they are without the heater assembly but the winter is approached

how I can resolve?

I must acquire the 300 Tdi heater assembly ?

or ESR3173 and ESR3175 with a new SS575HF-LHD Safari Snorkel ?

thank you


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I've no actual experience of the problems you are experiencing... But IIRC the 200 tdi Safari Snorket fits on the left hand side of the vehicle, whereas the 300tdi one fits on the right hand side. As the TGV is loosely based on a 300tdi, maybe the 300tdi snorkel would be better suited?

Of course this assumes that you have used the 300tdi style air box rather than the original 200tdi.

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LHD car so heater box on RH same as 300tdi air intake.

So effectively as tight a fit as a 200tdi fitment on a RHD car.

In which case the 200tdi snorkel connected to a longer bit of pipe should solve the problem!?

James/Giacomo, I think a little bit of ingenuity may be called for here as you are attempting to fit standard components to a non-standard setup.

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