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Part No Please?

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The driver's side door mirror bracket decided to give up the ghost today - luckily I had a spare one. :)

The flippin' mirror bracket is fitted to the top hinge which means a whole load of fun!

Getting the door trim of was truly thrilling but at least all the bolts came out OK - or did they? <_<

OOH $h1t the top bulkhead captive nut has escaped! I found a replacement nut but the captive clip thingy broke when I tried to clip it in! :angry:

Has anyone got the part No for the captive clip/nut that holds the front top hinge to the bulkhead?



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and if you are looking for them on paddocks website have a look under the series area, for some reason the bolts for the hinges are not listed in the defender but are in the series area...

Sounds about right!

I can never seem to find anything on Paddocks website since they re-designed it! :lol:



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