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Safari Equip Tank


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I have a couple issues with the 110 rear Safari Equip tank that I was hoping someone could help with.

The first is I'm pulling air while there's still 30l left in the tank, any idea why?

The other is I've got an Autometer programmable fuel level gauge and it seems to only work in the "middle" of the tank, sits at full for a long time (as expected with the aux tank in place) but then goes from full to empty in a few hundred km and sits there for a few hundred more km... should I be looking for another sender? This one is supposed to calibrate to any sender but the behaviour would indicate there's an issue.


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Nobody has any clue if you're supposed to extend the fuel pickup tube, and if so by how much? See, this is the problems when idiots sell a product without any instructions, or after sales support.

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I'm not familar with the these aftermarket fuel tanks, maybe the pick up needs extending so it sits lower inside the tank, if there are no fuel leaks the air can only be from the tank.

are you 100% sure the sender unit float arm is free to move inside the tank, it might be getting caught on a internal baffle part way through it's movement.

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I think the 30l left in the tank has caused the sender calibration to have issues, I won't be able to confirm this until I get it pulling every ounce of fuel out before running dry. The only real way to figure out how much it needs extending is trial and error, then running until the fuel runs out, checking, trying again... I was just really hoping someone might save me a few hours of wasted time at a point where I really don't have the time to waste.

A single email response or note included with the tank from the vendor would have made this all moot, I'm really considering going after them for this, as well as all the parts that did not show up with my order.

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