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wife came home from work this evening about ten saying the horn keeps beeping. i thought she must be accidently hitting the steering wheel buttons. we have only had the td5 a few weeks now, so basically ignored her.

well i`ve finally pulled the fuse and relay for the horn after waking up the neighbourhood for the second time this evening. once at 1am and just now.

now i`m wide awake and can`t get back to sleep.

guess i`ll be rooting round the steering column in a few hours with my avo.

if its happened to any one else and theres some where else i should be looking. let me know.


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My button on the steering wheel stuck in and would go off with the slightest movement of teh wheel (turning etc). Never happened when parked up though...

Still, pop the buttons out and have a look, push them back in and hopefully all will be well :ph34r:

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ok, thanks for the tip.

so to remove the switches do i gently prize the steering wheel cover of, or prize them out individually?

hopefully this can be done without setting the air bag off.

have already fiddled around with the wiring but typically can`t get it to misbehave. going to leave the fuse out tonight if not convinced the problems sorted.

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