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home made spacers


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hello there,

i am intending to lift a discovery td2 with the air bags, now due to being skint i intend to get a mate to make them aslong as i get the bits.

question is. i have got some tube that fits in the bottom of the air spring and is 5mm thick walls. will this be upto the job? i do intend to put 3mm angle iron from top to bottom with a plate in the middle of itof the spacer to make it stronger. if i can i will make a "drawing" but will end up like a kiddies drawing lol.


1. to fit larger tyres for offroad

2. does a lot of offroading

3. i have the tyres all ready so to save money they are comming off of that one and onto the disco.

i know that i will not get any better ground clearence from the lift but i will do with the tyres so please none of these stupid "why do you need to lift the car" questions please!

many thanks for reading this post and answers greatfuly recived

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That's heavy tube! Even so you'll need to brace the tube with at least one wall at 90 degrees to the length of the tube. I think that's what you are saying.

If you space out the air bag you will need to space the bump stop to protect it when collapsed. You need then to drop the shock mounts by the same amount to realise the full travel without allowing the air bags to over extend.

Then you'll need to extend the sensor link, you may end up needing to recallibrate them anyway. You'll need longer brake lines and the lift may scrww up the rear propshaft angles. I don't know how the rear anti roll bar will be effected.

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i am aware of the sensor, shocks, bumpstops and abs wire (no stranger to suspension set ups) but i always do as much homework as possible first.

below is a drawing of what i am trying to do, as warned a kid could of done better but couldnt find one lol!

post-12528-012303500 1287605944_thumb.jpg

as it shows 4 bits of angle from top to bottom of the tube (also 5mm) with a 5mm plate either half way down or 2 spaced out (with the top and bottom plate to be welded on so the angle is the same lenght as the tube)

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