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what oil?


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I've just got a 1994 discovery 2.5 diesel 300tdi. I need to know what oil you guys use for engine/axles/transfer box. I was at halfords earlier and nearly had a heart attack looking at the price of oil-and that was halfords own brand! what do you recommend?

PS-had a 1974 series 3 about twenty years ago and love the comfort and room of the discovery.

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I use Lucas oils 15w/40 or 10/40 semi synthetic. Unlike a lot of semis it has more than a token amount of synthetic in it along with an oil stabiliser that help with cold starts and high shear loads like cam followers without being a thick oil.

Best thing is it comes in 9.3 litre bottles so you get a bit of spare oil (bottle has a big neck though, hard to poour/easy to fill with waste oil).

I buy it here and this is one of the engine oils. This is the semo synthetic.

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sorry if it appears i`m hijacking this thread.

but after clicking on the links and reading the blurb on lucas oils. i could`nt see any reference to `turbo` engines.

maybe because most deisel engines are turbos?

seems a good price if it is turbo compatible.

ta, steve

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If you have any queries give Phil a ring and he will try and get an answer for you. I looked at the bottles I have here and they don't mention turbos though the synthetic 5w/30 mentions high performance high reving etc and is their recomended oil for my Micra with a renault DCi engine.

The Magnol is designed for US trucks which are pretty much always turbo deisel, I've been using it for a few years with no problem and they sell gallons and gallons of it, but as I say give Phil a ring, his number is on the listing.

The Magnol (15/40 long drain) comes in 2.5 us gallon bottles BTW, a handy size.

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