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TD5 Broken Exhaust Manifold Stud


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It's the first one, so I can see it, but is there any way of removing it myself without taking off the manifold etc.? Should the manifold be skimmed as presumably it's a bit warped. However, it doesn't seem to be blowing..

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When my first one broke I left mine, and waited.

The other three then broke. Got the manifold off, ground out webbing, machined it flat, removed the broken studs, drilled and tapped the head to increase stud size, and replaced all other studs with new.

I can understand the question, and with mine I was happy that the manifold had done all the warping it was going to do.

If you just change the one broken stud I can see you having to do it again, or it pulling the thread out of the head, until it has done all it has done all its warping. Possibly depends how hard you drive?????????

Hope this is some help, any questions about mine just ask.


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If you do a search you'll find more info about Td5 manifolds warping, harder working or tuned ones may be more prone. Some grind the webs out entirely, also seen a picture where the webs have just been slit.

Whatever, you'll need to sort it and the manifold will have to come off.

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The only way without removing it I can think of is to drill it quite small and jam a tap into it in the hope of pulling it out. Far safer to remove the mainfold. I'm put in mind of another conversation about fitting longer studs with spacers so there is more free length of stud to stretch and flex without snapping.

This is one of the issues with tuning. Often the "tuner" does not increase the available power of the basic design but undoes the work of vehicle designers who limit the power in order to increase reliability. I'm put in mind of the original Sierra Cosworth (YB?) engine, the prototypes were 280-295BHP but the production car was detuned to 204 for reliabilty (drivetrain) and insurance issues. IN the end production cars crept up to 113 ish bhp before the 220bhp 4wd was released.

Another concern might have been emissions of course.

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