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Seat Belt Bars - Home-made?


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Just trying to weigh up my options here guys. The 88" will shortly be going soft-top style, and so I need to find a new location for the upper seat belt mounts that are currently in the factory hard-top position.

There exists a pukka genuine part for this (MRC7354) which looks like this:


These go out at about £140 a piece with VAT and delivery et. al, which isn't too bad.

I had considered making one myself, but I am debating whether once I have paid someone to bend me up a bar and then faffed for hours making up brackets etc. and then welding it all together, I might actually be better off just getting the proper one. There is also the question of welding prowess, I'm still new to it and seatbelt mounts are kinda safety critical :)

So, the crux is, should I make my own or should I just stop being tight and buy the proper item and be done with it? :lol:

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