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Heavy Duty Valeo Clutch for 200tdi Defender 90 K Reg

JJB Serenity

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Friction plate was FTC1994 now UQB000130

hth :D

I thought it might be FTC1994 but wasn't sure because when I looked at the link you gave me before it gave that part number for "clutch plate (Diesel 130)" and I wasn't really sure what that meant. Many thanks Western, sorry for being so mechanically inept! :D

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I did alot of research int HD clutches, the '130' one has maginaly more area on the plate but has the same clamping force as standard.

AFAIK there are only two truly HD plate clutches, a britpart one and an ap racing one. Rakeway engineering will supply either.

I have had a britpart one in my 90 since november and covered approx 5000miles of pretty hard driving and its still fine (franticaly stroking and caressing wood :rolleyes: )

Infact i have been so impressed i fitted one to my dads hicap when he ripped the centre out of his old one.


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