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LT77 to LT85


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I suspect the lack of response is because few people would want to fit one, partly because there are other options of similar strength, it's an obsolete, agricultural box and was only fitted to the 90/110 so the sticks are in the wrong place.

I haven't had one side by side with a 77 but I think the 85 is a bigger box and likely to foul the floorplan.

I think you have little option but to offer one up and see how it looks, however I would strongly urge you to consider a late 77 or 380. Comp safari experience suggests these will live with 300+ horsepower motors if driven with some mechanical sympathy. Bowler Wildcats mange to finish the Dakar with 380s and they are far nicer to live with. You also have options to upgrade the 380.

I hope this isn't coming across as patronising, just giving my opinion and of course I don't know everything about your situation or requirements. But I do know a bit about running sizeable engines with LR transmissions.

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Not at all Steve, that's more the kind of advice I'm after, thanks.

I'm looking at fitting a LR 4.6 or possibly 4.5 or 5.0 TVR engine. More likely I'll end up with a 4.6 I think.

If an r380 is up to the job and much more straight forward fitment, then that sounds OK to me.

I'm upgrading every other part of my drivetrain, so think the old lt77 will get the boot too.

I think I'll speak to Ashcrofts about a 380 when the time comes.

Many thanks for the info.

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The Lt85 was if my memory serves me correctly made in the late 80s under the Santana link up of that time and when that died the LT77 was used as a replacement, that being an old box in design. Yes the LT85 is the stronger box than the LT77 but as Steve has mentioned there are better ways which is perhaps why you don't see it done.

I would go for an R380 with a cross drilled shaft and a short bell housing that would let you drop it straight in with the existing mounts to the back of your existing motor.

However as you are replacing the motor as well in time could you swap the box & motor at the same time and re mount the whole thing. Perhaps lifting a paired motor and gearbox combination from something like an early ML500 or similar?



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