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Banned from selling them in the future

thanks i also found this on devon 4x4.


Good question, at some stage, I believe, yes, along with any other tyre that is not “S” rated, this will rule out virtually ALL mud tyres, those that get a rating are likely to be cost prohibitive.

There is also the issue of the oil that is used for the manufacture of this type of tyre which is likely to take the cost of manufacturing beyond most people’s means.

I am told by those in the know, that within two years these tyres won’t be available. I don’t believe that it will effect an individual that already owns tyres such as these but they will no longer be legal to sell. I don’t know if there will be a way around these new laws such as sales to forestry workers only time will tell.

These comments are only my thoughts and understanding of the situation and are not necessarily correct, if you want a definitive answer I recommend that you contact the DOT.

best regards


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I'm sure they'll just be sold "for off-road use only" just like almost every bit of off-road kit people currently buy that would technically fail things like type approval when new.

Can't see the army, farmers or construction industry fitting AT's to their vehicles any time soon.

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I didn´t take the time to browse through that:



but I think it´ll be in there.

We have the same trouble over here. I think it´s Okt-2011 or somewhere in 2012 when all tyres without a "S" (sound) symbol are banned from being sold. I haven´t heard from any exemption. But I´m confident that the MTs will be made to comply.

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