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Faulty Wiper motor?

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Im just after some reassurance that Im right! My new motor appears to be running in reverse!

I've just got a new wiper motor for my defender 110 and after getting covered in grease fitting the new rack and connecting it up the wiper arms turn DOWN towards the bonnet from being off! At first I thought they'd sent me LHD motor but the part number is the same, then I thought maybe I'd put the crank in wrong and it was setting in the wrong direction (like valve gear on a steam locomotive) but taking it out and turning it still gives the same problem. So I thought maybe the wires from the brushes to the park switch are wrong so I tried them in every other possible combination, One combination gave it the correct direction but only in fast, not in intermitent or slow???

Also the brush mounting plate can only go one way?

Has anybody experienced this before, Do you think the motor is at fault?

P.S The wiper boxes are the correct way up also.


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just had the same on my 110.

here's what i did,

remove wipers.disconnect the drive wire and take the motor out.remove the screws and back plate off and you'll see the drive cog.turn it over and remove the c'clip and washer,then do the same on the other side.take out the white cog and in a vice tap down the white cog just so it clears the plate and turn 180.then reassemble and it should go up the screen to start and not down.

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Thanks for your fast reply - it was correct. The 'allmakes' gear has the teeth going the wrong way - ////////// instead of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hence the wipers turning the wrong way! Even though it was labled with the correct part number.

It is getting sent back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just goes to show that shoddy rubbish parts don't always come in a blue box! :ph34r:

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maybe you don't understand how i mean turn 180.

if you take the drive cog(white) and spindle out the housing,slightly tap the white cog down the spindle just so it clears the locators(about 2-3mm),then turn it round while still on the spindle.

the are 2 square locater's on the white cog which is what you need to clear of the spindle plate.then rotate and tap the cog back in.

this should sort it.

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Old thread but just had this issue on my new wiper motor (OE Lucas part supplied by Bearmach).

Found the reedx item on a Google search and had it sorted in 10-minutes but prior to that was scratching my head.

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