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  1. I've also got one of the heavy duty Dixon Fabrication one's waiting to fit. I bought it with the separate chassis extensions, which pivot via a bolt through the back of the cross member to allow correct alignment. Colin
  2. reedx

    Defender Water Ingress

    Yes it's a feature! Have a search for Land Rover's official "Defender Water Ingress" manual. Colin
  3. reedx

    Brake disc's and pads - best make ?

    I've only used Mintex once. They squealed so badly that I replaced them after 200 miles with genuine LR pads. Only Ferodo or LR for me since then. Colin
  4. reedx

    defender wing front panel

    This help? (One of the advantages of having your Land Rover in pieces!) Colin
  5. reedx

    Gear box oil

    oppositelock Ashcrofts have a useful gearbox identification page on their website http://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/manual-gearboxes.html Colin
  6. reedx

    Door Hinge Grrrrr

    Who are SGS 4x4? Like the sound of the galv hinges, but my Google Fu is letting me down. Colin
  7. reedx

    Oil change Horror?

    My first thought was a valve cap too. You would be able to hear if one was missing though. Colin
  8. reedx

    300tdi vacuum pump

    Does this help Mark? http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=56096 Colin
  9. I wouldn't have thought that the 300Tdi wiring harness would be that different to a 200Tdi, which iirc Autosparks do. At least it would be a good start. Colin
  10. It's along time since I looked at those circuits, but I'm not sure that the hazards use the flasher relay. Colin
  11. Also as a reminder, never undo a drain plug until you have removed the corresponding filler plug first! The drain plug can be fun to remove with a socket as access is a bit tight between the gearbox and prop flange. Colin
  12. reedx

    dim headlights....

    The relays is always good idea on the Defender. Colin
  13. reedx

    Our project

    Fantastic Mike - inspirational as always. Colin
  14. reedx

    a few holes to fix

    It's always a nice feeling to have another years ticket in your hand! Colin
  15. reedx

    Expansion tank expanded a bit too far

    The new ones have the other advantage of being able to view the coolant level from the outside, that was the reason for changing mine. Colin

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