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Endoskeleton wings?

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I am currently thinking about fabricating some endoskeleton wings (my stock S2a ones keep hitting things :unsure: ). Does anyone have any pictures or information about creating them?.

BTW my S2a is in the garage at the moment getting some toyota axles front and rear (hilux front and landcruiser fully floater rear with hilux head welded in (for more ground clearence). It has a holden 202 EFI motor. The front is being colied and the rear will probalby be sprung over.


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those s1 fornt guards look pretty cool. But I think i will build them to look more stock, and to cover the arches better. Would plastic instead of aluminium work in the wings? simonr, are yours unboltable?

All the panels are held on with dome head stainless cap screws - so you can strip a wing in about five mins with an electric screwdriver.

It's made it much more practical to use the space between the inner & outer wing for stuff like the horn, suspension valve block, vacuum reservoir & stuff. There's actually quite a bit of space in there, its just a total sod to get in to with normal wings.


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