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Well it didn't work for me....

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After reading everything on here and other forums about using rapeseed/sunflower oil in my 300Tdi I decided to pluck up the courage and give it a go.

I know some people say they're running in excess of 65% vegetable oil but I thought I'd play safe and stick to about 40%. I put the oil in yesterday and went for a run, it went like a dream.

Unfortunately I went to drive it this morning and the vehicle won't start (my Defender has never failed to start instantly in any weather) and the only thing that's changed is the fuel.

Can anyone help by suggesting how I can get the engine going so that I can use up all the diesel/vegetable oil mix that's now in the tank (and presumably in the engine) and then replace it with diesel?

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Now I know almost nothing about running an engine on alternative fuels (as I am sure my answer will confirm) but I believe that when running a high concentration such as you are you need to either pre-heat the fuel for starting or arrange for it to start on diesel and then switch across to the oil when it is running. Anyone confirm one way or another?

I would suggest draining the fuel-tank, flushing through the system and refilling with diesel. If you are determined to continue running on oil then I would suggest not such a strong mix.

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Best change your filter first as will retain some trace element. Some start with 10-90 depending on the condition of the climate and age of the vehicle. And later increase for warmer weather. The problem may have been the mixture separation in the tank. Where you will have had mild amount of diesel already in flow and sitting at the bottom of the tank. Then adding the large amount of alternative causing an imbalance being cold like waxing.

First Drain then replace filter next replace with clean diesel to allow flush to take place through the engine. Some will say replace the filter again as a backup. :huh:

You can still use the waste from the drain but in smaller amounts but be wary of the need for more filters handy if increasing on alternative fuels. As far as I am aware quite a few petrol station have diesel bio fuel mix at 5-95. :ph34r:

Lucky for me I have petrol and lpg :P :P :P:D :D :lol: :lol: :lol::rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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I tried starting it again this afternoon figuring that its a good few degrees warmer than it was this morning. It started reluctantly and there was plenty of smoke. I took it for a run and it ran as well as it always does. When I got home there was no smoke when at tickover or when revving it. I think I'll reduce the percentage oil as suggested to about 10% which should improve the starting.

If it won't start tomorrow I'll drain the tank as suggested and replace with straight diesel.

Thanks for the advice everyone.

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I run 100% veggie on a two tank system. As has been said, the first time that you put veggie in a diesel tank, for some reason it frees up all the sediment and you normally need to change the filter within 24 hours, then a week, then every 6-12 months.

The other problem is that with that ratio and the coldish weather (I assume its still cold, I'm away in Pittsburgh at the moment!), you have a very thick fuel to pull through the system. You either need to top it up with a lot more diesel or drain the tank, fill with pure diesel, get it started then add the mix gradually.

This time of year, without a twin tank, 10-15% is probably as high as I would go.



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This is common with poorly mixed blends that separate and you end up with the heavier fuel on the bottom. I had this happen with plain diesel while driving through Wyoming a few weeks ago. Get this, -11F windchills and the stations are allowed to sell unblended non-winter diesel without warning you to add additives. I had to drain the entire tank dry to get the fuel pickup to unthaw.

One good reason to convert VO to B100 is that it will mix better with the diesel. Make sure you mix it very well if you're doing blends.

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