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Transfer box problems

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Hi guys, new to the forum, but not LandRovers!

I bought a 200tdi, G reg 90 truck-cab last week. I've had a few gearbox/transfer box probs.

Firstly, she refused to go into reverse, so I have removed the spring and ball-bearing "gate" which had siezed.

I also have a niggeling problem with the transfer box which is driving me bonkers!

every now and then it pops out of hi range, resulting in no drive. lo range and diff lock work fine and dont present this problem.

Now heres the annoying bit, the 'box may stay in hi, with no probs for a couple of days, or it may pop-out 4 times in 100 yards!

Do you guys think it's a selector linkage adjustment issue, or maybe a knackered synchro?

Cheers Fellas.

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