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Brake calliper help!


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Right, Im currently building a challenge vehicle and I need someone to help me fathom out what callipers i should be using.

I am using some 24spline axles off a late 200tdi L reg discovery

On the rear axle it has callipers like this DSC03164.JPG

This is all well and good and easily/cheaply replaceable and rebuild-able.

What thread and size is the union that goes into this? i imagine its a imperial thread as 10mm unions wont fit.

OR what callipers will fit the axle brackets and accept a metric union?

On the front axle it has twin brake line callipers - which i would like to scrap and replace with some single brake line callipers. Now I think i could get some off a defender? am i correct in thinking this? Or am i correct in thinking on the front of a 300tdi nonABS discovery they have single line callipers?

All help appreciated!

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Thread should be (if not metric) 3/8-24 UNF. That is 3/8", 24TPI. A standard brake fitting size, now all but replaced by M10x1mm.

I would have thought a 24-spline axle would have been metric, but stranger things have been known to happen with axles :)

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Yes as you say you can use Defender calipers. The bolt spacing is the same but the bolt diameter may be different. I had to make shouldered bolts when fitting Defender calipers to a Range Rover hub. Nothing that can't be overcome quite easily.

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AFAIK the casting for 90 callipers and RRC/Disco are the same, you may notice on single line callipers that there is a pip next to the inlet where the second inlet would be.

The Disco single line calliper is the same size as the twin circuit callipers, so other than the master cylinder supplying different volumes to each circuit they work the same. I don't know if that makes a difference to the springs fitted within the master cylinder though, part numbers would confirm.

An alternative is to fit 130 callipers to the front, they fit over RRC vented disks but offer more power. This will help particulalry if you get more weight transfer to the front and a high C of G and soft springs would do this.

I had a pair of the biger callipers that weren't wide enough for vented disks, I don't know what they are for (suspect a 110) but they can all be spaced with a kit, the factory vented callipers are in fact spaced themselves.

The size of the mounting bolt changed around the early 90s, late in the 200 series/RRC but I belive before the 300 series. The holes are a tad bigger and the bolt is metric, on mine they are bi-hexagonal flanged heads.

If the truck isn't that heavy you don't need vented disks.

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Im not going to run vented disks as they fill with mud and wear your brake pads down like crazy.

This truck is never ever destined to go on the road, and wont ever see speeds above 30mph.

a pair of 300tdi defender (be it 90/110/130) front callipers should do the job.

And rear callipers are easy, i shall interrogate the chap at the local LR shop tomorrow!

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