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OT ?Landrover joke from Mandy??!!

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Stolen from a friend but tis good yar?

You know you own a Landrover when....

you occasionly find rust flakes in your ears

you keep imperial bolts in your pocket incase something falls off

wd40 has a higher priority on the household budget than milk

your bath bears a sign "not suitable for engine blocks"

you dream of burnt lucas electrics when your partner smokes in bed

10lbs of soil fall on the drive when you slam your door shut

you drive in shorts in winter to avoid wet jeans

nobody parks next to you at the upermarket

you cant find any clothes without battery acid holes or engine oil stains

there are more tools in the truck then in the shed

the only 2 shops you know in town are the parts dealer and the tool shop

the gps in your truck has the main purpose to replace the speedo and the odometer

you wonder why the moss in your inner window sills is greener than your lawn

you are used to switching off the headlights before indicating right because they interfere

all your jacket pockets and belt loops are torn by LR door locks

friends dont want you to show up in the afternoon because they have vistors

friends call you at 8am on a sunday morning to take something to the dump for them

you can decide whether to park on a hill in case your handbrake/starter fails

you put your coat on to GET INTO your truck

you keep swarfega in the shower

you borrow your mums 1 litre corsa and it feels like a sports car

when drivng you frequently turn down the stereo to check for new noises

Police officers shake your hand when they issue you a speeding ticket

people in vw campers follow you so they can watch someone else break down!

the local parts counter knows you by name

you look at the purchase of tools as a long term investment

you have enough spare parts to build another truck

you save broken bits as mementos and can say where and when they happened

you have a separate draw for Landrover clothes?????

There are 2 kinds of people....

those that own Landrovers

and those that want one!!!!

Hope this made you chuckle?


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guilty as charged :lol:

Same as that, but you can add one more iIf it's modified:

Having to get out and check the height at multi-story carparks then reversing out again!

Sometimes the extra 2" is too much! :unsure:

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