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series X-Brake available....


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I was poking about today on the web and noticed Simon has put details up of the series X-brake

I have to admit that I have had one for a while now on my IIA, testing it out before the full launch, and am very happy with it. I kniow a couple of other guys on here have one of the rare preproduction models, but they are being launched at Billing so everyone can share in the novelty of a series that stays still on a hill!



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As Mark says a few other pre-production models went out and I was one of the few to get one. I am also very happy with mine, it makes quite a difference to be able to put the handbrake on with confidence and know that it will work. Basically a very nice addition to the lightweight.


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Thanks a lot for the "heads up"!! I've been waiting for news about the final version of x-brake for series since the pre-production units were advertised here. It's great to know that the test-drivers are all happy with this kit.

Too bad I'm far away and can't go to Billing, so I'll have to wait for the 24th to buy them online (marked that day on the calender already). Please, don't buy all Si's stock at Billing!! :D

Looks like this month will be "Brakes upgrade month" for my SIII: the disc brakes, pedal assembly and servo were already found and ordered; the 109 drums to the rear axle and vacuum pump are next on the list... and the x-brake will be available. It's amazing how much I will spend to STOP the series!!! :blush:

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