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5 speed gear box


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ah, wait for Tonk or/and John White in the morning, they have both fitted LT77 conversions that they have developed and Tonk has just guided me through the manufacturing of part and preperation for fitting the conversion this weekend.

Having an LT77 bolted upto a Series Transfer Case and a 20mm thick adapter plate adds an extra 108mm to the length of the gearbox, this means you need a 108mm spacer on the front prop and the rear prop needs shortening by 108mm. Also your transmission tunnel and drivers floor panel will need replacing, and a bracket made up to mount the pivot bracket for the hi-lo lever.

I'll leave the people in know to explain the rest, but here's mine nearly ready for this saturday :i-m_so_happy:


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a quicker/cheaper and less agro would be to fit a overdrive, theres alot of specialist machining in a lt77 to series transfer box conversion.

or fit a lt77 with the lt230 and make it switchable 2 to 4wd with an ashcroft kit, new props and mounts would be req'd though, and a fair bit of hacking about the seatbox/tunnel areas

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Agreed - on reflection its not worth the agro of trying to mate the LT77 to a series transfer box.

Do like mark says, but its not straight forward. the transfer levers want to be where the seat box is, the series crossmembers are all in the wrong places etc etc..........


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