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OT I love paying my taxes


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I am planning to make a purchase in the USA - having it shipped to a friend who is visiting the USA from the UK and having him bring it home. I know that each state sets it's own rate of sales tax, anyone know which state has the lowest rate? I presume that they can still send stuff to a different state.

Landrover content: ... uuuummmm, I have one? OK, none then. :)



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I am quite serious here.

you need to rename your thread- you are not talking about tax evasion but tax avoidance- the former is totally illegal and can cost you big time, the latter is totally legal and will save you big time.

Any roving HMRC person will latch onto this thread straight away and you might end up with a little letter or a visit if you aren't careful- i know of at least 3 HMRC employees who visit ORRP on a regular basis!



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