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Can anyone "Read" these plugs for info ?

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Righty Ho,

Here are some pics of the plugs that have been removed from the Eales.

These plugs only have done about 35 miles, then one developed misfire as per other thread.

Plugs are NGK BPR6ESs, all 8 look about the same as these 2 :

Gap was set at around .7 to .8mm

New plugs fitted today are colder range and are NGK BPR7ESs, gapped to 1.1mm as per suggestions from forumeers......

Thoughts on the old plugs below, I know with Unleaded fuel this is trickier....also they had "Road Miles" on before being removed, which may have left a slightly differering reading to "drive very hard n hot off road"....


Plugs here show blackish (not very black - more very dark grey, around the maion outer ring.

Top electrode over tip is a yellowy colour, almost has the appearance of a calcium type build up a bit ?

Tip is yellowish on the very outer edge the shroud is yellow and black, not universally coloured ?


From a differing angle


Couple more


Last ones.

Be interested in thoughts as to what the above plugs are indicating ?

Lets see what 7s and 1.1mm brings, oh, also I have glued some refective heat shield cloth to the base of the coil packs to keep the engine heat away from them, as tescos says, every little helps ?

Oh, and lastly, I'm looking for some decent PLASTIC (NOT ALloy) spark plug wire clips / seperators - only ones I seem to be able to find are demon-tweeks ones, anyone know of any other ones ?

Links would be useful !


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Cheers TC

From the 3rd link (brillinat), and the end which says "Plug chart", it looks like no 22.

Hot but OK ?, so gap and colder rnage may help.

Interesting re the tip colour changing on the apex, it also says "Drop a number on the range)

See if anyone else has any thoughts


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Sorry Nige, but without doing a mid to high rpm cut ………….. the plug colour will not mean much. as cold start up and slow speed running will give them a rich carbon look. Its difficult to see in the pictures, but the insulators seem to have been running hot, especially the first one ……….get a magnifying glass on them and look for small blisters on the insulator noses. Also the tips indicate a slightly weak mixture, but again, its difficult to tell with anyaccuracy. :)

What you really needed to do was to go for a 5 to 10 mile run at reasonable rpm, then just cut the engine , coast to a halt and remove the plugs to get the true running colour.


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