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Cheque book Off-Roaders


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"Category: Candidates for speed deletion"....

Is that referring to the CBOR's or the definition I wonder? :lol:

Hmmm. By the last count I have six cheque books :blink:

- 1 I keep in the 90

- 1 I keep in the Discovery

- 1 I think was made in the 1980s that I found when clearing the office out the other day :unsure:

- 1 UK chequebook for my FI bank account

- 1 UK HSBC chequebook

- 1 that still says "Midland Bank" on it (I don't use many cheques!)

Does that make me guilty? :unsure:

May have to modify my avatar if so and fit a cheque book holder on the right arm :)

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