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Adjusting flapper EFi


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Don't laugh, but I'm fairly sure my 3.5 EFi is running rich <_<

I think some well-meaning soul has twiddled with the bypass on the airflow meter, I have untwiddled it by quite a number of turns but it's still not what I think it should be. Is there any procedure for twiddlage of screw or is it just twiddle-it-and-see? The Haynes Book Of Lies says to twiddle it to within a certain range of exhaust gas readings, obviously not much help if you don't have such a device to hand.

It's gonna get MegaSquirted soon enough but I'm forcing myself to leave it alone until the 109 is done, one project at a time and all that. I would weld a lambda sensor into the exhaust but then the temptation to just MS it would be too great... :rolleyes:

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Yep….. it’s a bit like adjusting a carb mixture screw, although the range is somewhat limited. You should be able to adjust it a nice stable tickover that will also coincide with max rpm on the screw adjustment (if you see what I mean).

However, if some kind soul has adjusted the spring tension incorrectly in the flapper ……… then the adjustment screw will no longer work properly :rolleyes:


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