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No Headlights !

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Yesterday suddenly my headlights stopped working (TD5 2002)

I do still have dipped beam (the small lights above the indicators) but when I switch over to main beam, all the lights go out, even the dashboard illumination.

Had a quick look at the fuses, all seems fine there.

Any idea’s ? maybe one of the fuses that are located under the seatbox ?

Will be back reading this forum in about 1,5 hours, so any replies from me could take a while…….

Thanks in advance !


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I wonder if LR sorted it out - if not then try this. On the TDIs the light stalk used to melt a little causing the conectors to sink into the plastic and cease working this was because the smart chaps at LR never put a relay between the stalk and the lights meaning that all the power went via the stalk itself where it caused heating. If this is the scenario then the stalk will need replacing and while you are at it put in a relay too. The emergency cure is to cut the wires to the stalk (AFTER THE PLUG BETWEEN THE STALK AND LOOM IE. ON THE STALK SIDE OF THE PLUG) and then simply 'short' them and hey presto lights !

To check if this is the problem you will have to remove the steering wheel shroud and relaese the stalk from the steering colomn and try shorting the conections with a piece of wire. I dont remember the wire to wire colours but when you look at the stalk you will be able to work it out.


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Hello Adam,

I checked the lightswitch, it's fine.

Also tried shortcutting the swith with some wire, NO lights.

Checked the bulb connectors, whatever I do, NO 12 volts there.

Checked the earthing at the connectors, it's fine.

Had all the relays checked, no results.

Mmmm.....what to do next.... :(

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