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smaller car battery?


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for those familiar with lots of different cars: I am looking far a 12 V car battery that is smaller than this one:


(now the sensible thing would have been to measure the size but I didn't anticipate making this post <_< so someone may recognise it and the model is 085; which isn't Ah).

The battery needs to have 8 mm (?) terminals in the same place.

Anyone got a Mini or micra battery to measure? Or know of website that gives this kinda info?

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Anything from a small Japanese car will be very small. Wrong terminals though. Mini batteries have round posts - but may be availabel with the "Ford" type. Halfords have them all on display, go take a look and see what suits for size vs. terminal type. You could always change the terminals on the wires...


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furneauxriddall.com have all types/measurements on their site

..... except the important figure of cranking amps (m/cycle ones anyway)

looks like a lawn mower battery may be the way; just need to find a local supplier.

re: halfords - I did take a uick glance but spotted nothing particulalry small; also car application data e.g. micra - didn't show up anyting smaller.

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