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Yet Another Top Tip

Les Henson

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I tried to remove the remains of the 2 1/4 petrol engine that was in catflap when I bought him. I got an engine crane, so no sweat. I checked all the wiring etc was removed, no earth cables, exhaust, bell housing nuts, fuel pipes, etc etc. Tied the strap around the crank, dropped it down the drivers side and then reached underneath to retrieve the end, tied it off so that the engine would be lifted nice and sqaure - just like you're supposed to. I undid the engine mounting rubbers, lifted the engine clear of them, placed support under the gearbox, a small gap appeared between bell housing and engine - that's good, it's coming. Pry bar in the gap and lever, creaking sound. I figure that something has rusted (the clutch perhaps on the gearbox input shaft), so continue to lever, curse, sweat, get a bigger lever, swear a LOT more, sweat a lot more. The engine finally comes away from the gearbox, but it still won't move up or out of the engine bay. I look around - everything looks clear of the chassis, gearbox etc, so I get underneath. This is what I see. What a plonker!


A new propshaft gaiter is needed now, and a smack round the head for being a dork. :angry:

Les :)

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