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Auto Discovery for towing

eddie c

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I am looking to buy my first Discovery, I have looked at about ten up to now, but it seems that you have to spend at least 5 grand to find a decent one, would this seem to be average price?.

Also I suffer from Rumatoid Athritis in the knees and I have found the clutch's on the cars I have tested to be heavy, so I gave an Japanese imported automatic a go, and allthough it seemed a little slugish compared to the manual, I liked it.

What would the auto be like towing?

The Jap cars seem to have very good body work, are there any pitfalls in buying an import?

Thanks for any help


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I haven't really towed with a Tdi auto but given that the standard one is quite revvy, if you stick a couple of tonnes on the back it can only make this worse and the performance when cold would probably be sluggish to the point of being dangerous. What are you towing?

Give it a tweak to the fuel pump and a bigger intercooler and it may be a different story though.

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mmm with the trailer that will probably be 2-2.5 tonnes then

it will do the job but don't expect to win races at the lights :) if you are only towing it occasionally then I expect it will be fine, as I said you could always get the engine tweaked to give it more oomph and it makes a hell of a difference to a manual vehicle, though I've never actually tried it on an auto Tdi

If you have tried a Tdi auto and thought it was OK then you will probably be fine - I personally don't much like them (though the more powerful EDC engines found on some auto vehicles are a lot better) but it really is a matter of personal taste.

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I've got a 300tdi auto. I did tow a couple of times some "heavy" load (trailer with RRc). It is sluggish to start but when it goes it not bad.

I gave my engine the Allisport treatment (reprog the ECU and better intercooler).. so much better now.

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I've got a 97 Tdi300 ES Auto and I used to tow a 1 tonne Ifor double horsebox along with another tonne and bit of horses, never had a problem. B)

I was never going to win the Traffic-light Grand Prix, but then again, I wasn't without the trailer either :P

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