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TD5 gaining access to the fuel pump. What to remove?


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My Discovery decided to dump half a tank of fuel tonight :(

I think it's the chaffed fuel line issue, i'll check in the light tomorrow.

In Les's howto on the matter he nonchalantly says "Remove the rear load space floor covering" :)

At first glance it appears that the carpet is pinned down by pretty much everything in the boot. How much of the boot furniture do I need to remove in order to lift the carpet?

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just take off the rear trim at the bottom of the door (prise out the centre strip and the screws are underneath) then you can just untuck the carpet from the edge and tuck it back in after. If its a 7 seater you have to take out the 2 plastic trims that go round the loops in the floor that the seats latch to.

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I had to remove the side trim to get the carpet up. The carpet extends a good 5 inches under the trim and wouldn't pull out. :(

Tow bar bolts were an absolute mo-fo to get off, but i'm about ready to remove the filler pipes and then try to unbolt the tank :)

Anyone know what the weight of an empty TD5 tank is?

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You dont need to remove the tank,just identify the leaking pipe,cut it cleanly in half at the leak and use a push fit joiner to effect the repair.

It's done now :)

Do you have any links to the push fit joiners?

Knowing what I know now I think I could replace the high pressure pipe easily enough without dropping the tank.

I suspect with a bit of fiddling about I could do the others, but it was easy with the tank off.

For anyone else who needs the single high pressure pipe it's YNI500030K

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