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Defender Door Seals (yep again!)

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My TD5 has always had issues with shutting the front doors and with the current cold weather (down to minus 4 last night!) it is getting to be a complete PITA!!!

I changed the striker plates to X-Eng rather tasty X-Trouser and carefully adjusted them so that in the summer the door would close with a gentle pull.

The issue is not with the striker plates: it is the door seal. On my TD5 the bit around the curved section is just too solid! The solid bit is nice and compressible in the warm, but the door just bounces off in the winter!

Removing the door seals completely does work, but is not really an option!!

From memory the 300 TDI had a slightly different door seal with a removable reinforcement. Is this correct? If so part numbers please - alternatively any other door seals that would fit?

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Will try the silicone spray. Removing the inserts is not an option because it does not have any!

The seal has some kind of internal stiffening- almost like the hollow part of the seal has been filled with silicone rubber!

It is just the bit around the "waist" of the Defender where it bounces off the door seal.

Moving the catch further out does not really work. If you can get it to close easily then you can just yank the door open when it is supposed to be closed.

If all else fails I will cut up various door seals to fit around the waist of the defender where the lock is.

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Steve, it's that internal stiffening you need to remove. A pair of needle-nosed pliers and a bit or patience will do it.


By Jove you are right!! :i-m_so_happy: :i-m_so_happy: The passenger door shuts really easily now - even my wife can do it!! The driver's door is much better than it was, but needs a little more fettling.

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