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Devon 4x4 Engine mounts


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Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any experience of the Devon 4x4 heavy duty engine mounts for the V8 and what you thought of them. Are they both chassis and engine sides of the mount?

Currently i need both sides so if these were any good that would be ideal.

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I used the QT ones for a number of years after repeatedly destroying the nearside mounting rubber on my V8 90.

They are great as they are a direct swap for the originals and you will never destroy them. The downside is that because there is very little rubber in them (they use a panhard rod bush as the bushing) they do transmit quite a lot of high frequency vibration through to the chassis and vehicle structure.

If you are not doing speed events and do not need captive mounts, then I suggest using genuine 50th anniversary 90 V8 engine mount rubbers from a LR dealer. I changed from the QT mounts to these and never managed to break one in 6 years of hard use with a 4.6 and auto box in top-level challenges, french randonne's and fast road use. You may need to remove the engine to fit these as you need to drill out the holes in the metal engine and chassis mounts due to the larger diameter mounting hardware.

Hope that helps,


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