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LT230 Intermediate shaft removal


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So, my landy havingh stood for 2 years doing nothing and now being pressed into serivce following my rebuild has developed several leaks. I perhaps should have replaced various seals whilst I had the engine/trasmission out of the vehicle, but they didn't leak before and so I applied the "if it aint broke" philosophy. C'est la vie. :rolleyes:

Anyway, the worst one being the transfer box, I started with that. Overhaul kit duely bought, box out gaskets replaced, all with the exception of the intermediate shaft seals. I was fairly confident it wasn't coming from there and decided it was too much hassle given that I didn't have a replacement locking nut :ph34r: . Box cleaned, gaskets installed, re-assembled and back on the landy. The overhaul thread in the tech archive was very useful by the way, so thank you for that :i-m_so_happy: .

Went for a run this weekend and surprise surprise oil leak is back. Insert several expletives here :angry2: Get underneath for a look and now with a nice shiney clean box, it is obvious where the leak is from. Insert several more expletives here :angry2: . Will put up pic later.

So, my question is, how easy is it to remove this shaft and replace the seals with the box in place? Can it be done at all?



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Thanks for the link. Yeah, had a closer look and it is partially obscured by the gearbox:


and as you can see (just about) the leak coming straight from it!

Wondering if I can part the box just enough to change the seals as per the link but leave it in place supported on jacks so I don't have to re-align everything. :glare:

I can get the box off no problems on my own, but lifting it and re-aligning it at the same time is a right PITA!

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