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  1. Nice spot ballcock, I'm trying to remember where I got that picture from, I'm pretty certain it isn't one of his. Also neither of the chassis in his photos could legally be tax exempt, they are at least TD5 era but most likely pumas.
  2. Wow the wear on that sleeve is something that I can't imagine could happen silently! :-/
  3. That picture is also interesting Bowie as it appears that a TD5 R380 output shaft is different to the earlier ones.
  4. That wear on the output shaft from a cross drilled gear is interesting, it's interesting because the cross drilled gear I have has longer splines than the wear pattern on your picture shows.
  5. I hear Nige has ordered this one .....
  6. Loving the behind the scenes pictures, I would never have guessed that about the garage in EP02! I don't have the time to start a youtube series (or a particularly engaging subject matter in mind), but I'd like to know how to do it properly in case I have a blinding flash of inspiration one day
  7. Very interesting, don't think you waffled at all. It's always surprising how much gear you need beyond the camera to do a proper job of the filming, also nice to see it doesn't have to be the latest top dollar kit either I'd love to see the diy stuff you've made to help. All the lav mics seem to be expensive, but I guess you get what you pay for. Using the inbuilt mic would sound rubbish and pick up all the noises from the lens too. Perhaps this is one situation where a cheap UV filter put on the lens really would be worthwhile protection for some close up work? The 1.6 crop factor reveals the camera maker
  8. Going slightly off topic ... what equipment are you using to do the filming? Cheers in the hope of a reply
  9. I took the photo about two years ago, all those cans have long since been emptied in to pint glasses and drank Those little 80's seem to fetch more than they deserve for such a small size. Look forward to seeing the toe jack, they always seem to be rated far higher than you'd expect.
  10. Perhaps you would prefer this?
  11. I do indeed have that record catalogue in the flesh as well as two later ones. There are better pictures in the pdf's I made of the vice sections of them. There are two versions of the 74, the early one has the 'valve stem holder'. Later full size 'colour' One day I'll sell some of my vices ...... not today though
  12. This might help you see what is wrong with your No 23.
  13. Just found this and both episodes are excellent, reminds me a little of several of the is born series rolled into one Absolutely amazing to think you are doing such a high quality production single handed. Looking forward to episode 3.
  14. I also have a 75 amongst my admittedly far too large selection of vices, perhaps I have been spoiled by my quick release vices but it is a feature that I miss very quickly. I've never really been that bothered about having the swivel base, perhaps it's because they can slip when you are doing something silly Where is your web series sir? I'd be interested in seeing your flyers.
  15. I'd stay away from the 75, you'll get bored of the lack of quick release fairly quick and the exposed main screw when opened is just inviting a bit of Damaging Dave's attention Record 112 has the same size jaw as the 36 (6") so is another good choice, I'd not bother with a Record 25 .... I reckon you would break that.