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  1. You'd think they would have done some work to the underside whilst they were busy spending so much money on the top.......
  2. Do you mean the pyramids? Google 'painters pyramid'
  3. To be fair that is something I'm dreading ......
  4. Yeah, the pic with the Guinness shows it better
  5. I've over 70 vices (yeah sad I know) with a fair selection of those being quick release, some over 100 years old. Not come across a quick release vice half nut that ever needed more than a good clean to stop it slipping.
  6. The last one of those I just brazed back together and it's held fine, they break in that spot when they get bent if the vice is dropped. Well strictly speaking they tend to break when being straightened without heat. Is there nobody near you that can braze it up? Whereabouts in Kent?
  7. If it's a galaxy try shaking it when it's not focussing, I know it sounds silly but it works.
  8. You'll get plenty of practice dealing with broken bolts The coil and the oil cap look ok 😛
  9. Is the splined adapter enough to deal with any misalignment between the shafts?
  10. Excellent progress sir Nice to see something different coming together
  11. Excellent, that's far better priced ducting than the silicon stuff that they wanted £30 for 50cm of!
  12. Cheers @dangerous doug, excellent idea to use a bit of silicon hose between the main snorkel and the wing, I hadn't thought of that. Have you used anything 'special' to keep the internal ducting in place? Or is it just cable tied to other things to stop it flopping around?
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