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  1. They are only shown on the rear axle in the parts diagrams. Rear hub reduction Front hub reduction
  2. I used M30's bolting my hydraulic press together ....
  3. Weren't lightweights heavier than a standard series anyway? So using the Land Rover logic this will be a Super Lightweight
  4. Nice tip, I'm starting to get a collection of these tips brake piston removal tips. Depending on the size of the piston you can place a socket in it and then place a 1/2 drive next to the socket and it will jam up allowing you to twist the piston out ..... also for motorbike size brake piston you can get a slide hammer kit for a few pennies.
  5. Wow, I'm envious, I'd love those three workshops..... and another for woodwork. You must have worked hard to be able to make your dream a reality, love seeing the progress
  6. What's upstairs Ed? Storage space for lots of Land Rover bits?
  7. Yep! That might indeed I don't dare ask how long that took, it's amazing 🙂
  8. How did you do it? Is that done by hand with a die grinder? Looks great 😀
  9. That rusty concrete is a sure sign of all the hard work done.... and abrasives sacrificed
  10. To be fair it's a tad hot for welding today.....
  11. Aren't the shafts of drill bits unhardened so the chuck can bite into them?
  12. They are convenient to have around for when you have a blunt cutter at the weekend and no spares. I'm sure you'd find lots of strange used for a Clarkson, just make sure you get one with most of the tooling, that can be expensive to pick up afterwards.
  13. I assumed a man like you would have a tool and cutter grinder..... now where in your shed are you going to fit a Clarkson MK1?
  14. Damn, you are a machine! Impressive rate of work, and nicely blended in.
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