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Mud Terrain tyre comparisons and thoughts

Chicken Drumstick

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I have to admit a secret, I like tyres, in fact I can get quite passionate about them :ph34r:

To this end, I enjoy trying out different makes and tread patterns as well as researching them. I have thought about trying to do something very statistical, but I couldn't really fathom a way of really achieving this, so I'll leave it as something more subjective. Maybe others could offer their views on the tyres they are able to compare.


For nearly all the tyres they have been used at the same location and under the same or similar conditions. In most cases I have been driving said vehicle and had chance to compare it to others. On a few occasions I can only comment on my observations of a vehicle, but one that I know the driver of and is driving the same terrain as me.

I will endeavour to be impartial and offer as much information as I can. For all tests the tyres will have 21-28psi of pressure as for RTV style events you cannot run lower than this.


Most of the testing has taken place on this man made obstacle. It consists of grass and chalky mud which becomes very slippery. There are lots of 90 sized axle twisters and the inclines are steep enough to allow all 4 wheels to spin in the wet and prevent easy ascent if at all.

Examples of the location:





All testing has been done with Land Rover 90's. Tdi, TD and V8. In most cases they are fairly standard vehicles and have no traction aides. The only modifications are a suspension lift on some of the vehicles.

The Tyres

As I try out and test more tyres I will update this thread.

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Bronco Dirt Devils, yum :moglite::moglite::moglite:

The Simex JT2s were high on my list of wants once upon a time until I had a weekend driving a mated 110 with them and snapped shafts pretty quick as they do bite bloomin hard!!! Need a little strength in the shaft and CV department if you wanna run them in a big size and hit the loud pedal hard :lol:

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