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Two questions about driveline


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As said, two questions:

1-Will 110 200Tdi rear shaft flanges fit into a Disco 200 front axle? (AEU2522 CVs will be used).

2-Will a 4 pin P38A diff + ring fit directly, without machining, into a Rover diff housing? (Yes, I know I shouldn´t mix ring and pinion from different vehicles, but I think someone in this forum made it succesfully as a method for having a super low budget 4 pin diff)

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As far as I know, ring spacer is needed for fitting a rover carrier to a wolf housing.

The grinding of a 200 housing needs mill/lathe ir is something I could do myself in a barn with just a grinder?

Only if I were fortunate enough to locate a 10 spline 4 pin Rover diff...but I have heard that these are extreamly rare.

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Unfortunately my last landy died back in 2005 after a roll over.

If everything goes as planed, in the following months I will have a Disco 200 with rear 10 spline ARB. It will be great if I could fit a 4 pin cheap diff at front just for a while. Later I could upgrade the rear and send the ARB to the front. If the the 4 pin front one is 10 splines then the ARB will be just a bolt on.

Are 10 and 24 spline sun gears interchangeable?

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