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  1. New Defender

    Its the Supacat LRV400. It could be marketed with optional grp top body. Lan Rover, like with the RR in 1970, will create a new market niche: the MegaUTV.
  2. New Defender

    MoD aready has its own Defener replacent...McGovern style front end included!
  3. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    The ebay one is already advertised as vintage/classic toy. I paid 10 euro for the dc100 plus batteries.
  4. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    Manufactured by...
  5. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    How it works
  6. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    Police dog included!
  7. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    And more
  8. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    Another one.
  9. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    For some extrange reason I cannot upload more than one pic at a time (and its not a size problem).
  10. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    Some pics. Note that this is not a licensed product and what name they have invented for the sills. Box picture seems to be bases on Land Rovers own DC100 press release pics.
  11. Today I made a proto with some cardboard and the trolley I use at work, wich has the perfect size for a 107" In 1/3 scale.
  12. This could be copied for the gearbox design.
  13. Well, with the 86" Expedition bed completed to 90%, it´s now time for starting the next proyect for my son: a Toylander style Land Rover Series I 107" fire engine. I want something easier to transport than the average Toylander (1/2 scale). I want something that will fit the basket of a Towbox Cargo: 110x65 cm. My scale: 1/3. That scale will make it to short for an adult to fit inside vehicle, so mine will be based in a LWB Land Rover. Next problem with scale: not enough room between floor and bonnet for an adult´s feet. Solved with Fire Engine theme. Hoses above bonnet will disguise the space for adult´s feet. Again, that scale on a LWB design will give space for an adult, but not for batteries or motor. Solved with bicylce hub drive motor + brake disc, arranged as a fake winch outside the body above front bumper and locating batteries at a "trailer" that will be not such, but a detachable (during transport) pivoting chassis section with play on pitch and roll. Movement from the "winch" will go to front axle, with steering but no suspension. From here movement will got to rear, "A" feamed an air suspension equipped, rear axle and also to "trailer". Beeing so narrow, about 55 cm, roll over protection will be needed. It will need some kind of gearbox, since bicycle motor has no reverse.
  14. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    Yesterday I came across again with it at Lugo's fair and picked one for my son. Starting to get difficult to get then, as it seems that they have mooved to classic Porsche 911 and BMW X6 pattern.
  15. I have used some of my hollydays for working on the bed. Nearly complete: trundle in place, top bunk finished and all screwed to wall. Just needing to be completly finished some wheels, inner padding, top canvas and door stops, along with minor paint retouches.