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  1. https://www.tedi.com/en/store-locator/
  2. Birthday arrived...and the bed is not finished yet! The front is now ready for painting and lighting installation. The rest of the family is helping with my son´s Land Rover bug infection. Some of the presents: number plate for the bed, Evoque ride on toy and Land Rover cakes.
  3. I´m buying one for my son. Beware, as there is a similar model called "sit and stand" with Hummer instead of Land Rover,
  4. Today I have found at a home decoration store a fake Shell motor oil can, about 8" tall, perfect for the project.
  5. Just what the title says
  6. Have found some cool wall paper and a quad bike tyre that has the perfect size 20x10 with 9" rim.
  7. Working as a white van man is great when you have to pick up materials for your projects (sssshhhh, don´t tell the boss ). 122x244cm and 60x120 16mm MDF cutted to the correct shape. Photoshop recreation of how it should be milled/painted.
  8. Frame tacked, carboard body mock up. (sorry for the inverted images)
  9. Mine should look like this when finished (if everything goes as expected).
  10. Moderators feel free to move/remove this post if this is not the correct place for it. My son Breixo will be 1 year old the next month, and my present for him is going to be a Land Rover bed, as the cradle he is using right now will be too small for him soon. I will be using three 190x90 cm matresses for creating a mix of bunk/trundle bed. First I searched for a Land Rover with length to width ratio similar to the matress: 86" series I Then I calculated the scale to use: 3/5th And last, the theme: overland/jungle/safari Tomorrow I will go to pick up the 16mm MDF for the project. This weekend I expect to leave the 30x30x1.5 mm box section farame welded. Some inspirational pictures.
  11. February 2014, Alto da Forca in O'Courel, 3 metres of snow!
  12. Also inadecuate road rulings. In Spain snow tyres with studs are illegal.
  13. Yep, 100% lock, but will allow something between half to 1/3 of wheel spin before locking. According to pirate, 18 degree of wheelspin is enough and will make it work perfectly on road even in front axle.
  14. Disco 2 in the ditch and police Freelander, snowing yesterday in Ourense.
  15. Here you see how Santana parabolics with no load are just touching chassis hangers. There are a pair of 4" blocks between axle and bumpstops in this picture.