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  1. Again, easy to solve. Rover had just one body option back in 1948. Doors, canvas or whatever else needed to be purchased separately. Dfender 90 NAS where going to be marketed that way, but finally were not because of the logistics involved in stocking and delivering canvas and hardtops all along USA. https://jalopnik.com/that-time-mercedes-made-four-cars-in-one-1760123043/amp
  2. As for the body design...they could buy from the Andalusian goverment (Santana) or iranian Moratab Pazhan the building rights for a real Land Rover body. They could even create an offshore company in Galicia, NW Spain, in the city of Viveiro. One of it's rural neighbourhoods is called LANDROVE. Perfect name for the car!
  3. Hi all, Both M51 and M57 list the plate where the bellhousing bolts to as ERR4378, but they have different drawings. One is one "round" piece, the other just half of it. Which is the correct number for the round one piece ? Is it exclusive to Land Rover or is same as BMW/Opel/Vauxhall?
  4. Hi all, Have seen adaptor plates/kits for matching the 2007 on Defender six speed gearbox Getrag GFT MT82 to 200, 300Tdi, Td5 and MB OM606. Has someone ever adapted it to a BMW M51/57 lump?
  5. A bit long, but this video explains the benefits of the system.
  6. Have thought about that, but aparently will make the box to explode ;-). I'm not thinking about auto conversion for my 88. I have a bmw m51 engine, ex Opel Omega, with non electronic Bosch ve6 pump. Not fitted yet, as I have not decided what box to use. A Bertone Freeclimber box/transfer has nearly the same gearing as a Series stock box. My 88 left the Santana factory with 2.25D, LT85, LT230 and 3.54s. Previous owner fitted 4.7 diffs. That combo is lower than stock, but not as much as I would have expected. So, for my convesion I'm considering a torque converter with manual! TC will emulate an underdrive and will avoid stalling the engine. Nothing new. Used today by ZF for heavy haulage. In lighter applications was popular between 30 to 60s. Plymouth HyDrive, Porsche Sportomatic, VW Autostick... A manually locking TC will be the best, but I don't know If I could make the lockup work when not used as expected with an auto box.
  7. Ok, thanks. The only auto vehicle I have droven off road was a Freelander. Really nice, I was able to complete the same course I made previously with a Defender. But that Freelander relyed in HDC for going downhill.
  8. Well, these days I have been reading a bit about torque converters and auto boxes. As far as I have undersood, older non computer controlled boxes will lock up the converter only in 4th gear above 50mph. So, at low speeds, it will never lock and will "slip". Now imagine: off road, downhill. Torque converter slipping and offering no engine braking. Brakes cause wheels to lock. Is this what actually ocurs or automatics aren't that bad?
  9. Can someone identify this pulley? Seen at Hardcastle's book.
  10. Unfortunatelly there are no 220v mains where I have the 88. I have quick disconnects in the battery, and use them. I have seen a caravan with a wind turbine, but its quite pricey compared to solar panels.
  11. Hi all, My 88" is now on its third year of "baja temporal" status (Spain's equivalent to UK SORN). One year after last firing up. Flat battery lead to permanent damage. So, here is the question: has someone tried to connect one of those cheapo solar power systems intended for caravans to SORNed vehicles for maintaining the battery continiously topped?
  12. Hi all, I have seen some 6x6 with freewheeling at the rear axle. Question is, can a front fw be bolted to the rear axle with nowhere to bolt the castellated nut in half shaft? Pic from youtube
  13. Nice to hear that. I will be hapier using Rover parts instead of yota ones! Also I think will be easier to obtain engineers report for making it road legal if parts from the "same" car make are used. Will check rover saloon disc size vs rr/disco ones.
  14. Nice to hear that he is still arround with his trialler. Did the trialler keep using its sliding frame one link?
  15. Hi all, Due to personal circumstances I'm not using this forum as frequently as I used to, but I'm still working on crazy vapour builds that I hope to build some day into my 88 (four years now with "baja temporal", Spain's equivalent to UK SORN). I may end, after an engine swap, with a gearbox and tbox combo with no transmisson handbrake. Has ever someone adapted some kind of axle handbrake to a disc brake LR rear axle? Maybe adapting some toyota cable operated calipers?
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