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  1. Just by chance I have found this pic at a Santana forum. Posted december 2011, it shows a prorotype from Iran from Moratab, the company that bought from Santana the Series V tooling. They are building about 700 units per year of the Moratab Panzhan. This prorotype shows a new rounded front to comply with european pedestrian friendly crash regulations. New euro 3 engines were also in the list of improvements. Dont know if it went ahead, but it looks familiar compared to a DC100.
  2. Some weeks without working on the project. Slow progress. Wheel boxes completed and wing joined to front panel.
  3. Detroit Truetrac, I think same type a of locking as ATB. In this case mounted in axles.
  4. This week I have visited again the scrapyard with a measuring tape. Box is 4" shorter than my current LT85+LT230 and front and rear output flanges are 10" closer together when compared tp LT230, so perfect for a SWB application like mine.
  5. I will have to build some mock up props and move the axles to see what is hapening in real life...
  6. I have gone to the scrapyard for a more practical approach. Rover gearbox, mounted in the chassis of a 109, with the short part of the propshaft still attached. Length 130mm, distance to chassis when pararell 180mm, distance at max angle with yoke touching gearbox drum brake is 210mm. So just 30mm of "travel" for every 130mm of lentgth. In my case the 600mm prop will have 138mm of travel up, and another 138 down. Not enough, as I was looking for some ProComo 93600 with 16" of travel.
  7. I'm now taking measurements in my 88 inch for for a six pot engine swap. Mine is already a 5 speeder ( Santana factory spec), but I will use a divorced LT230 with a Daihatsu/Bertone 5vh box, and will like to relocate it lower and centered between axles, so, when resting, props will be flat. That setup will result in a prop legth of 600 mm / 24". I need to know the operating angle to calculate the suspension travel that they will survive. I have seen 30 degree aftermarket props, but they are pricey.
  8. Hi all, As the title says, whats the limit for standard rover UJs in propshafts? Are coiler ans series UJs the same? Thanks
  9. Yep, I have already thought on that. If they give me it at a reasonable price I will go forward with this project. I have been reading some south american forums, where Daihatsus seem more popular, and its a good and strong box. LT95 style design (main and transfer box in same cssing) and only faults are Land Rover style leaking seals and output shaft nut tendency to become loose. This box will survive a Ford 302 V8, and even a Chevy 262 4.3 V6 with a three speed GM SM318 as a doubler. Thats about 750 Nm of torque at the input shaft (vehicle from Chile, seen at twistedandes). No handbrake in box is not a problem, as I want to run a clocked LT230 from the Bertone tranfer.
  10. I have found some info on the net. Gearbox, bellhousing apart, is the same as the one used in turbo f70 type Daihatsus. Ratios are very close to those of the Rover box seen in Series vehicles. Both diffs drop to right as in Land Rovers. Bearings and syncros are easy to obtain for rebuilds but ave not found yet the max torque this box will tolerate.
  11. Hi all, I have been lucky and local scrapyard has recived a vvv good Omega with the six pot bmw turbodiesel. Can have the engine for just 250 eur. I was looking for an ex p38 r380 for installing it into my 88 along with the Omega engine, but they are pricey and the Borg Warner transfer will force me to rotate diffs in axles. Now theres another option, as local scrapyard has available a Bertone Freeclimber, wich is basically a facelifted Daihatsu Rocky with BMW 6 pot. I will use a non tuned Bosch VE6 pump, so just 120hp and about 250Nm of torque. Any idea about how good are the Daihatsu gearboxes?
  12. And this is how it looks right now.
  13. Modified petrol can and fake oil can, along with axe, are the atrezzo used in the door section.
  14. Metallic silver paint give the sand ladder and body cappings the desired look.
  15. After three weeks without visiting the in-laws and their barn, wich I´m using as workshop for this project, at last this weekend I have been able to work on the bed. Rear panel is nearly complete, same as front, needing just some painting and extra atrezzo.