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  1. 80" Range Rover on portals.

    D2 axles willbe fitted. Dont know if possible regarding prop length/angle and chassis to tyre clearance, but modified shacke points at chassis and rear leafs to front and vice versa will transform an 88" into 76". Too short? Suzuki/Daihatsu/Bedford/PIAGGIO mini vans are a tad over 72", and aparently, even with ligth tail and forward control, dont flip forward.
  2. 80" Range Rover on portals.

    It's a really nice rangie.
  3. 80" Range Rover on portals.

    I whant good ground clearance and swb for good turning circle, but I Dont want to end with a looping car.
  4. 80" Range Rover on portals.

    Yes, thats the car! Do you think that 80" + lift could be dangerous? I have an 88 and was thinking about fitting longer leafs at front, moving shackle holes in chassis back. Going also SOA. This setup will end in 82" and 6" lift.
  5. Hi all, 10 years ago I remember reading, cannot remember if in lre magazine or net, about a rangie shortned to 80" and fitted with Volvo portals. All I know is that it was made in the UK and was black. Does anyone have info and pics about this vehicle? Thanks in advance.
  6. Complete in every way. My son Breixo has been sleeping in the landy the last three nights.
  7. Broken shock, again. Why?

    New extended shocks. Let's see how they cope.
  8. Broken shock, again. Why?

    Vehicle is used both on long road trips and off road.
  9. Broken shock, again. Why?

    Hi all, A friend has broken rear right side shock absorber. Some years ago it became loose, two years ago broke, and now broke again, allways beeing the same rear right side one. Any idea why is this happening? It's a Disco 300, with 2" lifting coils and srandard length shocks.
  10. New Defender

    New vehicle, based on the integrated body frame. To be launched in 2018. Lets hope this is not the new Defender... https://www.motoroids.com/news/next-gen-tata-sumo-will-based-new-lightweight-platform/
  11. New Defender

    Its the Supacat LRV400. It could be marketed with optional grp top body. Lan Rover, like with the RR in 1970, will create a new market niche: the MegaUTV.
  12. New Defender

    MoD aready has its own Defener replacent...McGovern style front end included!
  13. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    The ebay one is already advertised as vintage/classic toy. I paid 10 euro for the dc100 plus batteries.
  14. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    Manufactured by...
  15. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    How it works