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  1. Can someone identify this pulley? Seen at Hardcastle's book.
  2. Unfortunatelly there are no 220v mains where I have the 88. I have quick disconnects in the battery, and use them. I have seen a caravan with a wind turbine, but its quite pricey compared to solar panels.
  3. Hi all, My 88" is now on its third year of "baja temporal" status (Spain's equivalent to UK SORN). One year after last firing up. Flat battery lead to permanent damage. So, here is the question: has someone tried to connect one of those cheapo solar power systems intended for caravans to SORNed vehicles for maintaining the battery continiously topped?
  4. Hi all, I have seen some 6x6 with freewheeling at the rear axle. Question is, can a front fw be bolted to the rear axle with nowhere to bolt the castellated nut in half shaft? Pic from youtube
  5. Nice to hear that. I will be hapier using Rover parts instead of yota ones! Also I think will be easier to obtain engineers report for making it road legal if parts from the "same" car make are used. Will check rover saloon disc size vs rr/disco ones.
  6. Nice to hear that he is still arround with his trialler. Did the trialler keep using its sliding frame one link?
  7. Hi all, Due to personal circumstances I'm not using this forum as frequently as I used to, but I'm still working on crazy vapour builds that I hope to build some day into my 88 (four years now with "baja temporal", Spain's equivalent to UK SORN). I may end, after an engine swap, with a gearbox and tbox combo with no transmisson handbrake. Has ever someone adapted some kind of axle handbrake to a disc brake LR rear axle? Maybe adapting some toyota cable operated calipers?
  8. More than five years after this excellent build...what can be said? Any problem/things to do different if done again? I think that a mix of this and Bill's Wildfing rear one link on leafs will give what I want for my 88.
  9. Ok, things go really slow. More than one year later and the garage build is not complete. My right hand needed surgery, and I have been disabled for that reason a pair of months. Now, in full working order, both wife and I have decided to say goodbye to our jobs and have started an artisian cheese business. I have decided to ditch the toylander style project for now. I think that I will use some 6" hoverboards for powering it, since they have motor, controller and battery in one single package. The price of this devices has lowered quite a lot in in last years. Meanwhile, my son is riding a Jeep with twin 12 volt motors. It has been a presen from his uncle...chief mechanic at local franchised Jeep dealer.
  10. Ebay offers plenty of cheap secondhand expolice body armor. I could take the chest part for the chest and the back part for the legs, from navel to knees. Optional armor plates can be added. I have also checked local regulations, and it's perfectly legal in Spain to own and wear this type of equipment.
  11. Yep, that is! Even balistic face shields are affordable and relatively easy to source in europe. This one is built in UK.
  12. Ok, will search for those. Thanks.p
  13. How are those type of PPE called? Have found a real secondhand item in ebay, shipped from Khazakhstan. I could buy a complete landy for that money!
  14. Sometimes things go wrong. I want to be prepared just in case. A neighbour died when working with the high presure suspension of his citroen bx.
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