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New clutch prices.


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Hiya all.

I've tried to ignore my Freelander 1 Diesel (L Series 2 ltr) juddering from standstill for too long now. I think I need to bite the bullet, and just get it sorted, before it lets me down in the middle of nowhere.

I'm pretty certain it's the clutch. It judders from standstill, can occasionally be difficult to get into first gear, and crunches when you select reverse.

My question is .... how much am I likely to have to pay to get it done (supply & fit) ? I realise this could vary depending on where you take it.

Is it more involved than a normal 2wd vehicle ? Will it be a '3 part' clutch which includes the release bearing etc? Or is it different to the norm ? Can I just take it to any old place, or will I need to take it to a Land Rover (or 4x4) specialist?

Many thanks for any answers ............................. Matt

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Are you sure it's the clutch? try replacing the hydraulics first, could just be the master/slave going weak.

Iit should be a 3 piece clutch that you get, cover, plate and release bearing. Can't remember if there is a solid or dual mass flywheel on that age, if dual mass then have that replaced as well.

Crunching is usually down to clearance issues, hence the reference to the hydraulics, plus of course they are cheaper to replace than the clutch - jut make sure you replace both (think they come pre filled as a pair anyway) and use new fluid.

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FL gearchange is objectionable as standard, as Al says it could be hydraulics (much cheaper to replace too!)

Juddering can also be knackered engine mounts, certainly the TD4 has reaction bars top & bottom with bushes in that stop the engine trying to rotate against the drive to the wheels as you bring the clutch up, if the whole affair can move round it won't help a smooth take-up - again, cheap & easy compared to a clutch change!

If yours has dual-mass flywheel that's done some miles (which they all have by now) it's an expensive job so you don't want to do it without good reason. Well worth doing release bearing while you're in there too as you don't want to have the whole lot apart again for the sake of a £50 bearing.

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L Series is not a dual mass fywheel. Clutch change on a Freelander is a bit longer than a normal FWD car. Think it's booked around the 6-8hr mark. A normal garage charging £50 an hour =£3-400 in labour + around £100 for a good quality clutch = £4-500 very very roughly.

The clutch hydraulics are under £100 ad take 1/2 an hour to fit, so that would be my first port of call.

If you do end up needing a new clutch, Island4x4 are cheap for Borg & Beck ones, for a TD4 it was something like £75 which is excellent.

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