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Prop UJ replacememnt

orange rover

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got both props off at the moment, thought i may as well chanfe the UJ on both. went to the work room armed with the work shop manual and a print out of the excellent write up from the archives. seems like nice job opn a sunday afternoon.

cleaned the pros, started on the rear on, step one of the service manual "unscrew the dust cap and withdraw the sliding member". didn't have any play but thought would give it a decent clean up. dust cap turns but doesn't unscrew, can turn forever both directions, nothing happens. thought ok, seems ok anyways, better leave it alone.

next step "remove circlips and grease nipples" easy enough got my circlip plyers, put them in the little holes pressed, nothing happened. Thought "ah they are in the inside", so pulled levers apart, circlip moves. fiddeled around for a while pressing etc, circlip doesn't move. then took a small screwdriver to lever one hole up,┬┤managed, but then the circlip broke, and its still in. befoire i hurt myself messing around with screwdrivers etc, couple of questions to the experts:

1.how do i get the dust cap of from a rear prop shatft from a 88 rrc?

2.how do i get the bl**** circlips of? do i need another circlip plyer, are there different ones for inside and outside circlips?

3.how do i get a circlip of with one of the eyes (and a pice of the circlip) broken off?



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Dust cap - if its slipping the threads will have stripped. These are very fine. One method may be to grip the cap with a pair of moles &c squeezing the cap to make it grip. Another method would be to try to drift the cap along the shaft. Both of these could damage the cap so unless you really have to split the prop I'd leave it. If you do split the prop make sure you mark both sections you put it back the same way - ESSENTIAL!!

Circlips - these are internal and you need internal circlip pliers to squeeze the two loops towards each other. The trick here is to drift the bearing cap away from the clip (a single sharp tap) and then put a thin screwdriver &c through one of the holes in the clip, move this hole towards the other hole so you simultaneously close the clip and rotate it. Once it moves it is free in the groove and can be extracted with circlip pliers.

Broken circlip - try to squeeze the remaining loop inwards and prise upwards over the land above the groove, and with a screwdriver try to "peel" it out.

In all the above operations WEAR SAFETY GLASSES springy circlips can really fly and hurt you.

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rtbarton thanks!

got one stop further now:

my prop doesn't seem to have a screwable dust cap. its made of plastic and can be levered off, that solved. ithe bit about marking the two pieces is in the service manual so i did that.

the trick with tapping the bearing cap works wonder got the broken circlip out by doing as you said and then levering with two thin screwdrivers. really motivated, went to work on the second one, broke that too. got it out again. seems like i have a outside circlip pliers, but i can manage to pull the two eyes together by pulling the levers. but i keep slipping off when trying to pull the circlip out with the two eyes close together. in oredr to save myself more pain and frustration, will buy the right tool tomorrow!


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Nice to know you used my thread Orange. Sticking/breaking circlips is a common problem. Next time I do one I'll edit that thread to be more helpful.

Les. :)

hi Les,

thanks for the excellent writeup! got the right tool today and circlips removed no problem. drifting the bearing cap away from the circlip as well as freeing it as rtbarton suggested are essential however, otherwise they don't move, so these would be a nice addition to instructions!



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